Time Tutelary Dual Automatic Watch Winder KA080

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Time Tutelary Dual Automatic Watch Winder KA080 KA080 Dual Automatic Watch Winder helps wind the watches if they are not worn.  The watches are turned according to the mode selected and the cycle is reapeated after a rest.   Power AC adaptor - Plastic Watch Winder in Black - Two movements, Two Watch Stands   Size: 258 x 150 x 145mm - Allows for automatic watches to be 'wound up'  Timer function:Auto rotates 6mins clockwise, rest 30mins.  Auto rotates 6mins anti-clockwise, rest 30mins.   Auto rotates 20mins clockwise, rest 10mins, Auto rotates 20mins anti-clockwise, rest 10mins. - Auto rotates clock wise and anti-clockwise direction alternatively each 10 minutes for 3 hours and then rest for 9hours(watch not included). Size:- 258 x 150 x 145mm

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